Saturday, March 20, 2010

Debut post for chloro lovers

Brunette Buxom Beauty Christina Carter is at the mercy of Cindy, her secretary co-worker who gets her revenge for the repeated cloth smothering knockouts and fondling she endured at the hands of Christina! There is some very sexy teasing by Cindy in this scene as she subjects her helpless sleepy slave Christina to repeated smothering pass outs, handgagging and relentless groping of her voluptuos body! Christina can only "mmmmm" in sleepy dismay as she is continuously smothered to sleep and handgagged! Cindy has her partner record the entire scene on video and she makes kinky comments to him throughout the video. Finally he suggests that Cindy smother herself to sleep with the cloth and amazingly the buxom blonde complies! Cindy presses the cloth to her own face & gets sleepy, mummbling for her partner's pleasure. He then reaches out and presses her hand over her face to keep her the cloth in place when she's too weak to hold it.

Enjoy guys .....

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